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Providing Comprehensive Person-Centered Care Planning.

Hand In Hand offers care management services to assist people with developmental disabilities and
their families in gaining access to services, and extend support appropriate to their needs.
Our care management services are for Medicaid eligible children and young adults from birth to age 21.
It is designed to address and coordinate the many needs of children and families facing chronic illness,
intellectual disabilities, emotional conditions, trauma, or HIV.
The Care Managers at Hand In Hand are there to link eligible children and their families to community
resources and social supports, and provide enhanced coordination of their medical, educational and
behavioral health care needs.

Why work with Hand in Hand?

Coordinate needs

Coordinate children and family’s comprehensive needs in all areas including medical,
educational and community

Educational Supports

Help obtain and monitor appropriate educational supports


Facilitate access to recreation activities in their community

Transitions Programs

Support transitions, including eligibility, for multiple programs options when aging out of a
program, leaving a hospital, outpatient services and more


Connect with social services, benefits, housing assistance, legal resources, transportation or
other needs


Empower families to advocate for their child’s needs

To make a referral for our comprehensive Care Management Services call 212-420-1970 ext. 128 or

We Are Here To Help

You know your child’s struggles better than anyone, and you’ll do anything to help them succeed. But sometimes, trying to get your child approved for therapy means getting lost in an endless and unsympathetic maze of bureaucracy.

Skip the red tape. Let us hold your hand.