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Giving Every Individual the Upper Hand in Life

Looking to get your child the early intervention services they
need to succeed?

Specializing in early
intervention services

Providing multi-lingual health home managment

Expanding roster
of professional services

Welcome to Hand in Hand Development

We provide early intervention services around your child’s schedule and in his or her comfort zone. Our highly skilled, certified and compassionate therapists connect with each child on a personal level, ensuring an effective collaboration and documented results.

Licensed by NYS Dept of Health Bureau of Early Intervention

To make a referral, please call 311

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

I’ve been trying to get my daughter approved for services for months! The process just keeps dragging on.

My baby spends all her time doing repetitive movements and flapping her hands. I think she may have ASD.

My 4 month old still can’t hold his head up. Is that a reason for concern? I don’t know who to ask.

My youngest son doesn’t make eye contact or engage socially. What should I do and who should I call?

I’m concerned about my toddler’s language development. He gets so frustrated by his inability to communicate.

My preschool student has a hard time with play skills. Her frustration tolerance is basically non-existent.

About Us

At Hand in Hand, we believe that it’s all about YOU. Your concerns, your struggles, and your goals for that important little person in your life- your child. That’s why we’ve gathered a top team of qualified therapists, with a wide range of expertise. All So that we can build the perfect plan for your child’s optimal growth.

Because no child should have to struggle with basic functions. No parent should lie awake at night, worrying about the future.

We know what it’s like to have a child who needs extra help. We know about the fears, the frustrations, and the daily tear-your-hair-out- moments.

We’ve been there.

And we’ve been hard at work for the past two decades, setting goals and reaching them, step by measurable step.

Does your child need an extra hand?

Dependent on your child’s underlying issues — whether they be sensory, motor, psychological or a combination of all — our professionals will devise a personalized approach for working on addressing the underlying barriers and better help your child thrive.

Language Skills

Daily Function

Emotional Function

Learning Disabilities

Social Skills

Play Skills & Attention

Sensory Input

Cognitive Delays


“This place will help your child on so many levels. From socializing with other kids, to feeding techniques, to occupational therapy”

– Vanesa M.


“My child went from being nonverbal to being able to ask for what he wants. ”

– Tracy C.


“Hand In Hand has an amazing staff that cares so much and really knows what they are doing.”

– Fiona D.

We Are Here To Help

You know your child’s struggles better than anyone, and you’ll do anything to help them succeed. But sometimes, trying to get your child approved for therapy means getting lost in an endless and unsympathetic maze of bureaucracy.

Skip the red tape. Let us hold your hand.